Shot Peening of different kind of metal or alloy construction parts

Shot Peening of different kind of metal or alloy construction parts



This machine provides controlled and repeatable Shot Peening of various metal or alloy machined structural components with high-efficiency cut wire media, with four adjustable nozzles attacking workpieces from 4  different angles. Unlike previously mentioned solutions where workpieces are fixed on indexing turntable for high precision positioning and accurate processing, machine ASP PEENLINE 4/1000 ECO is designed as a through feed system with heavy duty transport line for workpieces manipulation.

Transport line is feeding objects into the peening cabinet in a controlled manner where travel liner speed if controlled via PLC and SCAD.

A machine is enabling workpieces manipulation in directions, these allowing operators to flip or reposition object after one side (surface) has been processed.

Special care was taken in the design of technological openings for parts exit and entrance to a cabinet in order to prevent the escape of reflected peening media.

Technical Data:

Automatic nozzle manipulation

Differing from systems with turntable where workpieces are peened by one nozzle, here the peening process is performed with a set of 4 nozzles geometrically positioned in rectangular pattern aiming horizontal surface at the angle of 45°.

Complete nozzle fixture is servo driven in horizontal plane perpendicular to the transport line.

The height of nozzle fixture is adjustable through SCADA system with fixture also having provision for manual fine adjustment of each nozzle pitch and yaw. This kind of configuration is providing fully configurable peening system capable of achieving requested repeatable intensity and coverage on workpieces of irregular geometry.

Machine Process Control Systems

The machine is equipped with standard components for process control with overall machine performance meeting full requirements of standard SAE AMS-2432.

Among the components, we emphasize a set of MAGNAVALVES for closed-loop regulation of media mass flow of each nozzle. In addition to the mass flow control elements, there is an installed system for closed-loop regulation of compressed air work pressure.

Supervision and management of the complete peening system and process functions are performed via the customized SCADA control system, which is closely linked to the inbuilt industrial PLC unit.

Double Pressure Vessel

As the peening of larger structural components must be performed in a continuous manner for longer time periods a special double pressure vessel was developed and installed that provides a constant refilling and uninterrupted peening process.

Media Management System

Media is collected from bottom hoppers of the machine and transported 6 meters high into reclaiming unit with the pneumatic transport system. Strong dust collector unit is producing enough suction power to cope with the amount of media delivered through 4 pressurized blast nozzles.

Installed media reclaim system is additionally supported by the air wash unit installed prior to 42” vibrational sieve unis. High-performance vibrational sieve suitable for large volumes of peening media is equipped with standard size mashes for precise media classification.

  • Suitable for Larger Structural Parts
  • PLC Control
  • SCADA integration
  • Frequency Controlled Conveyor Speed
  • Linear 1 axis Nozzle Manipulation
  • Batch Printout Reports
  • Media Separation & Classification
  • Closed Loop Media Flow Control
  • Media Reclaim System with Dust Filtration


Vehicles and agricultural machines
Axle shafts, gear wheels, drive shafts, pinions, cardan shafts, forked axles, cardan joints, universal joint yokes, kingpins, shift linkages, rods, clutch facing springs, clutch gears, clutch disks, tow hooks for trailers, turbine blade wheels, leaf springs, rims, etc.

Drive units and gearing
Gear wheels, pinions, ring gears, internal geared wheels, worm pinions, worm wheels, hypoid bevel gears, cylindrical lantern gear wheels, input and output shafts, propellers, etc.

Combustion engines
Connecting rods, cylinder liners, rocker arms, valve springs, valve tappets, crankshafts, camshafts, pistons, piston heads, piston pins, chain wheels, link plates, pins, etc.

Steam and gas turbines
Turbine disks, turbine blades, turbine rotors, etc.

Compressors and pumps
Housings, impellers, distributors, valve glands, valve reeds, valve chambers, valve faces, shafts, crankshafts, pistons, cylinders, screw compressor shafts, etc.

Electrical and pneumatic tools
Cylinders, jackets, percussion pistons, anvils, dies, pins, drivers, housings, tappets, percussion drills, boring bits, bore crowns, sleeves, sockets, etc.

Aeronautic and space travel
Intricate components, airframes, rims, landing gears, propellers, airfoils, flaps, etc.

Machine parts
Extruder shafts, extruding shafts, feed screws, worm casings, threaded spindles, anti fatigue shafts, dowel screws, splines, torsion bars, springs of all kind, membranes, dies, bearing housings, ball races, ball retaining rings, etc.

Chemical equipment
Centrifuges, mixers, driers, spiral conveyors, oscillating conveyors, heat exchangers, columns, containers, vessels, compensators, agitators, stirrers, paddles, impellers, fans, etc.

Medical equipment
Surgical instruments, biomedical implants

Special applications
Forming, bending, straightening, roughening, smoothing, engraving, descaling, deburring, stripping, cleaning, decontaminating, fettling, etc.


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