Cold Spray process monitoring

Cold Spray process monitoring

The Oseir cold spray diagnostics product family consists of several models capable of diagnosing all cold spray processes but best suited for various types of use.

HiWatch systems

Imaging methods can be used to measure several physical quantities such as: velocity, size and position of solid particles, liquid droplets, gas bubbles in media, fibers, etc

The key benefits of imaging methods include:
  • HiWatch lasers with OsiRec® software can be used to image and visualize microscopic/macroscopic details of many processes
  • Easy to modulate high laser pulse repetition rate and short laser pulse width allows the measuring of small fast traveling objects in even very difficult to visualize processes such as cold spray or high pressure water jet spraying
  • OsiRec software can be adjusted to visualize and to measure characteristics of very small as well as larger sizes from a few micrometer size to several millimeters in size
  • easy to install and align with the particle flow with the factory aligned camera & laser package and using the actual camera image to align it with the target to be measured


  • cold spray particle measurement
  • visualization of external powder feed in plasma spraying and solution spraying
  • high pressure water jets
  • shot peening and grit blasting
  • pharmaceutical spray processes
  • etc.

HiWatch CS2

HiWatch CS2 cold spray diagnostic system is a compact and easy to use system especially for daily quality control. It collects fast the necessary data to ensure that the process is under control. It is also a good system for research and development of cold spray processes.

HiWatch HR2

HiWatch HR2 is the system for most accurate particle size measurement while also measuring the particle velocity up to 2000 m/s and the plume density in the measuring area.


ShotWatch is a system measuring larger cold particles like in shot peening, grit blasting etc. processes. It measures the particle velocity, size and position as well as the plume density.


HiWatch camera & laser combo can also be used for visualization of various other processes.

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