Waterjet Solutions

Aquarese Coating Removal with Waterjet for Aero Engines & IGT

Many aero-engine and industrial gas turbine components, such as turbine blades and combustor liners, are subject temperatures up to 2000°C. Heat this severe requires thermal barrier coatings to be applied in order to maintain optimal performance.

Additionally, many components are coated with abradables, wear-resistance, corrosion-protection or other coatings, sprayed or deposited using various processes: Plasma Spray, HVOF, EB-PVD, and more. These aim at extending lifetime between repair or replacement, improving engine performance, or both. During regular repair intervals, these important coatings must be removed before components are repaired, and then re-applied before the component is entered back into service.

Waterjet is the optimal solution to remove these coatings efficiently, safely, and in a cost-effective manner.

Ultrahigh Pressure Waterjet Stripping

Our Aquarese WJS coating removal solution is the preferred method for removing thermal barrier coatings quickly, while maintaining the overall structural strength of the part.

The MRO Aero Engines and IGT improve their processes with waterjet stripping.


Ultrahigh-Pressure Abrasive Waterjet Cutting & Machining

Advanced Parts. Advanced Materials. Advanced Solutions.

Waterjet is the part processing solution of the future. Quickly and accurately cut a wide variety of geometries and materials with high performance and ease. From processing advanced materials including titanium, superalloys and composites to cutting virtually any geometry with full 3D capabilities and precise tolerances, UHP waterjet cutting shapes your part to your specifications.