Controlled and repeatable Shot Peening

Controlled and repeatable Shot Peening

ASP-1500 ECO


This machine provides controlled and repeatable shot peening of different kind of metal or alloy engines parts with two different peening media sizes, with regular blasting head and special rotary lance head.

Complete machine type ASP-1500 ECO solution is based on the custom made blasting chamber designed specially to achieve ideal working conditions for shot peening process. Blasting chamber is designed and constructed with sound absorbing materials taking under consideration strict health regulations and providing safe working environment for operators. Machine is equipped with its own electrically driven winch hoist which is designed for loading of heavy pieces on the servo driven rotary table. After closing double-wing door, operator can initiate an automatic blast sequence according to preset programs stored in central supervision system.


  • PLC Control
  • SCADA integration
  • Industrial grade PC
  • Servo Driven Turntable
  • Rotating Penning Lance
  • 6 axis Robotic Nozzle Manipulation
  • Batch Printout Reports
  • Media Separation & Classification
  • Closed Loop Media Flow Regulation
  • Closed Loop Air Pressure Control
  • Media Reclaim System

Automatic Peening mode

For high precision manipulation of blasting head a modern 6  axis robot manipulator installed, which is completely protected against  abrasive effects of the process by special custom fit shield.

All working movements and parameters are fully controllable and  repeatable suitable for shot peening process and providing the ability  to create reports for particular jobs.from abrasive contamination .

Media Flow Regulation

For precise dosing of peening media MagnaValve magnetic valves  with closed loop regulation are being used. The MagnaValve provides  reliable, repetitive, and consistent shot peening and blast cleaning  process with confidence of proper media flow rate at all time.

Special Peening Features

Shot peening of small features such as slots, bolt holes, deep  pockets is very critical since the complexity of these features makes it  impossible for traditional nozzle peening to be effective. For this  reason special rotary lance shot peening equipment and nozzles were  developed. This equipment can be mounted on the manipulation robot and  it is fully interchangeable with traditional nozzle.

Media Reclaim System

Special two way media system was installed providing  possibility of working with two different media sizes with ability for  fast automatic interchange between them without means of manual  operation.

Twin media reclaim system is additionally supported by air wash  and magnetic separator installed prior to vibrational sieve units.  Vibrational sieves are equipped with standard size mashes for precise  media classification.

Dust and removed particles are collected in the box below  filter unit, which is strong enough for a perfect ventilation and  pneumatic transport of heavy abrasives collected at the bottom of  blasting cabinet.


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