Inblast machines

Inblast machines

FerroECOBlast INBLAST machines are specially designed for effectivefast and economical automatic inside sandblasting of metal pipes.

In the modern world, pipes of various sizes are used for transport of different energy sources such as gas, oil, etc... Most of the pipelines are exposed to heavy corrosion, therefore they require high-quality corrosion protection as well as further high-quality maintenance. While external cleaning of the pipelines poses no particular problem with standard sandblasting equipment, inside cleaning requires special sandblasting equipment.

INBLAST sandblasting machines are the perfect solution for inside surface cleaning and preparation before applying anticorrosion protection. INBLAST machines are complete systems for ecological sandblasting and are assembled from:

  • Blast cabinet with special pipe support and sealed covers
  • Scraper system for abrasive collection
  • Elevator with abrasive separation for abrasive transport and recycling
  • Blasting hose feeding mechanism
  • Blast hose with connectors for special inside blasting nozzles
  • Dust collector CENTRO for dust-free working conditions
  • Electro control cabinet for operation and control of the whole system

INBLAST machines can sandblast pipes of inside diameters from 190 mm to 640 mm and up to 12 meters in length.

To cover this range of diameters, two different nozzle systems are used.

INBLAST sandblasting system removes stubborn flakes produced during hot rolling of pipes, rust, dirt, soot, coke, paint, etc.. After the process of sandblasting, the surface of the pipes is clean from dust, abrasive and dirt, ready for application of corrosion protection.

Our equipment for shot blasting is suitable for cleaning both new and existing pipe installations with 360 ° coverage without the need for rotating the pipe during sandblasting.

All standard abrasives can be used, except corundum.


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