Blasting generator and recycling unit

Blasting generator and recycling unit

OrthoBlast BGRU

The OrthoBlast BGRU by FerroECOBlast® is a modular recycling unit where different options can be selected depending on the customer requirements. You can choose between pressure or injection blasting systems. Both systems can also feature simple recycling with a cyclone unit which removes dust from the blasting media or they can be upgraded to a vibration sieve classifier and automatic refilling unit for precise media classification, enabling you to maintain the same operational mix at all times. The filter unit is installed for cabinet dust extraction and media transport to the cyclone unit.


Features BGRUi (injection) BGRUp (pressure)
Powergun blasting gun  
Pressure blasting nozzle  
Pressure blasting vessel, 20l  
Abrasive silo with dosing valve  
CENTRO 2/2 130 Filter Unit
Cyclone separator

Technical Specifications:

  BGRUi (injection) BGRUp (pressure)
Dimensions (H x W x D) 2400 mm x 2170 mm x 1250mm
Power Supply 3x400V 3/N/PE 50/60Hz 1-3kW
Air Consumption 0,4 - 2m3/min @ 6 bar 1,5 - 5m3/min @ 6 bar
Filter Unit Capacity 1300m3/h
Abrasive Silo Volume 40 liters 20 liters
Refill Volume 30 liters
Vibro Screen Capacity 5kg/min
Weight 960kg 1500kg

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