Automatic Pressure Blasting machine

Automatic Pressure Blasting machine



Automatic Dry Blasting machine is engineered and manufactured in a “heavy-duty” way, for professional use. The machine is equipped with a protective lining inside for longer lifetime and less production stop. A possibility of the automatic or manual process gives the operator flexibility and user-friendly machine to combine both for different parts and all kind of shapes.

Interface and process control are easy to use and custom made according to customer needs. The machine is equipped with a recycling system for media classification, which makes low media consumption and perfect operation mix, that makes a repeatable blasting effect on the surface. This cabinets are deliverable with mechanical (elevator) or pneumatic recycling of abrasive.


  • capability to work without constant operator presence
  • automated or manual working process
  • heavy-duty design for professional use
  • PLC Touchscreen process control
  • easy to maintain and operate
  • custom-made depends on the shape and size of the components
  • it has built-in turning table with load capacity of 250 - 1000 kg
  • the mobility of the nozzles and the  table can be adjustable or fixed, posibility of programming this process


  • automated working process
  • repeatable process
  • low maintenance requirements
  • low media consumption
  • high productivity
  • turning table can be fixiated in the cabine or it is on the mobile cart
  • it has one, two or more vertically movable nozzles for blasting
  • posibility of the portable steering modul

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